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Willem emerges as a polymath in the realm of visual arts, an esteemed explorer of both land and sea and a devoted steward of our invaluable planet. Proficient across various visual mediums, Willem distinguishes himself through adeptness in writing, directing, cinematography, and editing, all while embodying the spirit of a genuine adventurer and environmental advocate.

While traversing the global landscape, Willem transcends the role of a passive observer, assuming the mantle of a custodian of the human narrative. His lens adeptly captures the enigma of the unknown, the unfolding drama of the natural world, and those uplifting narratives that kindle hope within the human spirit.

Initiating his foray into filmmaking and photography in 2011, Willem's academic pursuits culminated in the acquisition of a coveted Bachelor's degree in Film Arts in 2015, from The Open Window Institute of Film Arts in South Africa. This academic milestone marked only the inception of his trajectory. His films have embarked on a global odyssey, gracing the screens of prestigious film festivals across the United States and Europe, including the highly acclaimed Sundance International Film Festival.

Endowed with passport imprints from over 40 countries, including the frigid expanses of Antarctica, Willem stands as the epitome of a modern-day explorer. His adventures encompass a bold five-month backpacking expedition through the untamed wilderness of North America and a monumental 8500-kilometer odyssey aboard the Trans-Siberian Express.

Over the past 10 years, Willem has worked and collaborated, above and underwater, with leading industry brands such as National Geographic, Sony Alpha, Levi's, Tag Heuer, and Sea Shepherd, to name a few.

In the domain of creative conservation, Willem assumes the roles of virtuoso and visionary, utilizing his talents to illuminate a more hopeful and optimistic future.

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