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Willem is a multifaceted maven of the visual arts, an illustrious explorer, and a tireless guardian of our precious planet. He dabbles and excels in a variety of visual mediums. Willem's playground spans the realms of writing, directing, cinematography and editing, all while harbouring the soul of a bona fide adventurer and environmentalist.

While gallivanting across the globe, Willem isn't merely an idle observer; he's a collector of the human narrative. His lens captures the mysteries of the unknown and the unfolding drama of our natural world and those uplifting tales that kindle hope within our hearts.

His journey into filmmaking and photography commenced in 2011, culminating in a graduation with a coveted Bachelor's degree in Film Arts in 2015. But that was just the beginning. His cinematic creations have embarked on global escapades, gracing the screens of esteemed film festivals throughout the U.S. and Europe, including the critically acclaimed Sundance International Film Festival.

With passport stamps from over 40 countries, including the icy embrace of Antarctica, Willem's wanderlust knows no bounds. He's the embodiment of a seasoned globetrotter, with adventures that include an audacious five-month backpacking expedition through the untamed wilderness of North America and an epic 8500-kilometre odyssey aboard the Trans-Siberian Express.

Willem's talents aren't limited to the artistry of his craft; they've been sought after by industry titans. Brands like National Geographic, Sony, Levi's, Tag Heuer, and Sea Shepherd have all recognized his exceptional skills.

In the world of creative conservation, Willem is both a virtuoso and a visionary, using his talents to paint a brighter, more hopeful future.

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