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Photo book coming soon.

By now I know the restlessness is embodied within me, running through my veins like a junkie’s fix, inescapable and the only thing that still keeps me going – this paradox of hope and hopelessness for the world I delve in.

Between the years 2018 and 2020 I travelled the world, predominantly working on expedition vessels as an expedition filmmaker and photographer, always personally documenting my surroundings wherever I go. These are the strange places and forgotten faces I encountered during those years, the places and faces that shaped my view of the world and myself.

If everyone could break free from their habituated and indoctrinated comfort zone in this world, if only for a day, and see the world through the eyes of the person next to them, I believe this planet would look a whole lot different and be a lot more bearable for many of us. The majority of the photos in this book were captured on 35mm and 120mm film stock on a variety of analog cameras I traveled with.

The following is a preview of the limited edition photo book soon to be available in print.

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